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Wrist Watch Digital Camera

The Wrist Watch Digital Camera is not a device from a James Bond movie, but a real sophisticated Still video camera disguised as a watch . Developed for  intelligence agencies now available to you. 

The Wrist Watch Digital Camera is a state of the art Micro-technology Machine. 

If you need to collect evidence,  proof or discreetly take snap shots  then this is the ultimate  spy machine. 

The color display is extraordinary

-  images are displayable on your PC in 16,770,000 colors! 
-  capture stills indoors and  outdoors, in bright or dim light.
-  up to 2x zoom mode. 
-  built in IR port lets you exchange JPEG images with your PC.

It is also an excellent water resistant wristwatch. It displays current time and date
(in color, of course, in your choice of 6 patterns), 
has a stopwatch, and 5 daily alarms.
You can input titles for each photo,  split  the screen four ways  and, much more... 

Comes with  comWQV LINK 3.0 PC exchange software and image-editing software.  PC requirement: Windows® 98/98 SE, 2000 , Me.,  XP.

Item : 2007-WWC

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