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Spectra Shield®  is the strongest, lightest, composite ballistic material made today! 
It isn't a woven fabric like most ballistic materials i.e. [ Kevlar©]   But instead, a thin, flexible ballistic composite made from  layers of unidirectional fibers held in place by flexible resins.  These fibers are arranged so they cross each other at 0 and 90 degree angles, then, both fiber and resin layers are sealed between two thin sheets of polyethylene film similar to saran wrap. 

Spectra Shield®  is ten times stronger than steel !!.

This latest material delivers full ballistic protection in a softer, more flexible, non-woven fabric that is ideal to make your Vest more comfortable  "wearer friendly" personal armor. 
Spectra Shield® is a ballistic armor material that combines "all the performance of Kevlar in a more comfortable and more flexible material that is about 40% lighter than [ Kevlar©] . 

 Spectra Shield® material offers no compromise in performance while providing ultimate comfort .

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