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Night Scout Binoculars

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  • U.S made night scope
  • "Smart" Tech - Standard
  • Standard Total Darkness tech
  • Magnification 5X
  • Detection Range 150 Meters
  • Recognition Range 100 Meters
  • Field Of View 20o 
  • Resolution 40lp/mm
  • Light gain 35,000 Nax
  • Minimum Light Req. 5X10'3 Lux
  • Lens System 90mm, F1.2
  • Diopter Adjastment + - 5
  • Range of Focus 20" - 00
  • Power Supply 2x3V Lit
  • Battery Life 10-20 Hrs.
  • Dimentions 255x150x60 mm
  • Weight 2 kg

  • $58
    Lets you connect to most 35 mm
    cameras and video camcorders

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    Smart Total Darkness
     ntroducing the revolutionary patented Smart Technology Night Vision Weapon sights. The success and demand for these scopes went far and beyond our expectations. Today, we are proud to introduce our full line of Smart Technology Night Vision Devices.

    What is "Smart Total Darkness Technology" you may ask?

    Smart Total Darkness Technology finally provides the user total control in the hi-tech industry of night vision. The "Smart Series" night vision scopes were designed with the latest computer technology currently available. A micro-computer is built into each of our scopes providing advanced features and comfort of use currently, unparalleled in the world of night   vision scopes.

    Using "smart" sensors and electronics, we have incorporated features into our scopes allowing them to out last similar technology scopes (even our own earlier versions) by more than 5 times. This is accomplished by having the on board computer system identify the users intention of looking through the scope. When the scope is brought to the users eye the scope will automatically turn on. When removed from the eye the scope will turn off. The user will never have to worry about turning his/her scope on or off.

    Unlike other night vision scopes that are sensitive to light and can be easily damaged by accidentally leaving the scope on, the "smart" series scopes automatically sense when they are no longer being used. Even when left turned on in their case they will shut off and enter their "sleep mode".

    All the controls are digital, providing precise operation and a greater reliability then standard switches. Even if your batteries are low, donít worry the "smart" series will let you know.

    Our Smart Series Weapon sights additionally have features such as, a simple 3 button control panel that allows the user to easily adjust such important features as light amplification, lit-reticle brightness, and infra-red magnitude. Color coded LEDs let you know the mode of operation you are using.

    The more advanced models feature a remote control. This allows the user to place the 3 button control anywhere on the weapon, for quick and easy access. 

    In the world of Night Vision there is the status quo and there is the cutting edge. products with "Smart Technology" bring you the cutting edge in performance and features. Do not settle for the status quo when the hottest new products in the industry are at your finger tips.


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