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Motion Detector Video Camera
This very special "Motion Detector"  looks like an ordinary Alarm Motion Detector.
It enables you to transform your standard home VCR into a professional surveillance system,  therefore saving you hundreds of dollars. 
This Hidden Video Camera will take pictures only when it senses a movement .

Inside are 3 components :
1) Hidden, is a concealed miniature  CCD camera with an invisible lens - it delivers crisp black-and-white surveillance video pictures.  It can be easily connected to a standard TV, monitor
or VCR. 
2) Controller - this will trigger your standard home VCR to start the actual tape recording when it senses a motion.
3) A motion sensor - Once a motion is detected, it sends the signal to the Controller,  which in turn  starts the VCR Video tape recording .
All of the above components are hidden inside this ordinary looking  Motion detector.
It comes complete and ready to do the job  with an AC power adapter,  and  a standard "25  cable for video hookup.

Note:  This item does not include a recorder, a  video recorder (VCR) like the( optional VCR
Click Here ) is necessary should you want to record your surveillance. 

Note: The Actual look of this item may vary. Item:   2024 -7 

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