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The Most Effective Way to Monitor detailed information about a vehicle’s travel activities, the data recording system allows you to review the information after the fact without actually being there. Using a satellite positioning network (GPS) cross referenced with digital street maps of the continental USA, the Mobile Trac system and computer software can be used to accurately evaluate travel activities, with proof of exact date, time, speed, and location right down to the street level. The Mobile-Track software mapping will show the exact track that the vehicle traveled, with timing to the second. Easy to see instruments show time, speeds and elapsed time. Select Date function allows you to view the data on a day by day basis or all at once. Maps and data track can be printed for hard copy proof. The Mobile-Track can be placed on, under, or inside the vehicle. Once installed, it does not require any user intervention and can monitor for days, weeks or even months. The size of the Mobile-Track unit is 3x 5x 1.5 and can be placed on a vehicle in under a minute. Battery pack and magnet mounting allow for easy placement on the vehicle. The unit goes into sleep mode when the vehicle is stationary to extend battery life.

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