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Computer Forensic System

Made In USA 

The Ultimate Weapon Against Cyber Crime, Make exact copies of suspect drives!

The Computer Forensic System has been designed specifically for the requirements of field investigation of forensic computer data. This hand-held data duplication system is ideal for disk drive data seizure. Using its CRC-32 engine, image capture operations may be confidently performed at speeds that may exceed 1.8 GB/min. The system's non-tampering drive capture feature ensures bit-for-bit data authentication. With its' lightweight portability, rugged construction and field-tested capabilities, the Computer Forensic System is the premier standard for field data seizure as well as in-house lab testing.

Ideal for Law Enforcement agencies: FBI, CIA, IRS, INS, NSA, OEA, ATF, Military Intelligence, NATO
Sheriff, Police, MIS Forensic Departments, Security, Governments and more...


Field-Tested Examiner's Case
This waterproof case is both airtight and shock resistant.  It has been specially designed to endure the rigors of field operations. The case includes compartments for the Computer Forensic unit, a power source, storage pockets for drives and cables, a full-page portable inkjet printer, and a power distribution panel along with a CloneCard™, a 2.5 inch laptop adapter, and a 30 inch extended IDE data/power cable.

Hard copy On-Site Reporting
The system includes a portable printer to print a detailed report on-site. (Serial number of both target and suspect's drive, the make, model and size of of both drives being used in the operation, and a statement documenting the mode of copy, how many sectors copied and source & target CRC-32 checksums.)

USB Dongle / Parallel Port Copy Capability
For situations in which a computer's case can't be opened, such as a sealed notebook chassis, or potentially a booby-trapped case.

Unidirectional Data Transfer
Copies only from the external data source to prevent inadvertent over-writing or corruption of a suspect's drive.

Supports All Operating System
The unit will work with any standard or proprietary operating system. In capture mode you are assured of an exact bit-for-bit copy of all data, deleted files, and file slack stored on a suspect's drive.

CRC-32 Authentication
CRC-32 is computed on both source and destination hard drives, and appears on the printed report.

One-year Standard Warranty
The system comes complete with a one year parts and labor warranty.

Unit Integrity Check
The unit will automatically check to see if there are any problems with the data cables, or data integrity between source and destination drives before beginning the capture process.

On Error Prompt
The unit offers four methods of handling bad/weak sectors.
1. Abort- Aborts the capture session when a bad sector is encountered.
2. Skip- Skips the bad sector and continues operation (Bad sector address shown on printed report)
3. Retry- An extended retry mechanism attempts to retrieve data from bad / weak sectors - these results are also printed on the report.
4. Recover- Uses a more sophisticated recovery mechanisms to recover data from bad / weak sectors - can be slow, but it is very effective!

CRC-32 Engine
Unit computes a complete CRC-32 signature of source and destination drives before and after capture to ensure that:
1. Source drive has not been changed
2. Source and destination drive match after capture.
3. Source and destination do no match prior to capture. CRC-32 signatures appear on the printed report.

Wipe Out
Unit provides a means to erase the destination drive prior to capturing a suspect drive. Or, erase just the remainder of the destination drive immediately after Capture to ensure old data is not left behind on the destination drive.

High Speed Search Engine For Direct Forensic Analysis

High speed search engine is running from a forensically sound bootable floppy disk. This software will search a suspect's computer hard disk for keyword evidence at the rate of about 5MB per second. The suspect computer hard disk will not be altered in any way. The investigator can specify up to 460 search items. Search items can be text (names, addresses, etc.), up to 28 characters each in length or images (JPEG, GIF, BMP, etc.). It is used by law enforcement agencies and commercial business in over twenty countries throughout the world.

Power Requirements:
90-230 47/63 Hz

Power Consumption:
10W without drives

Operating Temperature:
5-60 C

Relative Humidity:

Net Weight:
**15.6 oz.-442 grams

Agency Approvals:
UL 1950, FCC Part 15 Class A, CE

**For handheld duplicator only.

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