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Digital Video Security System


The Digital video security System is a 4 Channel multi camera digital recorder with remote monitoring via the internet.
It comes with 80 Gb. hard drive installed, and it accepts up to 4 cameras. (2 included).

The Digital video security System is a SIMPLE solution for home, office, factory, school, daycare and general security use.

You can see what your cameras see from a any computer anywhere in the world,
it comes with an integrated Ethernet card and software that provides the capability for remote viewing over  the internet.

You can record and view later on a standard TV - same as you would with a home VCR.  No tapes required - all digital.

Upgradeable with additional  hard drive for any future needs.
This is a complete package

We ship it to you with everything you need to do the job,  there is nothing ells to buy - we include all the accessories including 2 color cameras and wires - Easy installation - instructions included.

Motion activated 
Remote access/monitoring 
Integrated Ethernet card 
4-channel/video camera 
3 output BVS 
Overwrite capability 
480 lines of resolution 
Full, split, quad screen display methods 
60 FPS top record or play speed 
Compressed JPEG picture 
Real-time, time-lapse and event recording modes 
Alarm function 
DC 12v, 4a power 
1 Removable hard drive bay 
1 Internal hard drive bay 
Expanadable upto 20 external hard drives 
1 Hard drive installed

Item : 2012-5

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