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Infrared  Night Vision Camera 

The Infrared Night Vision and Camera is a portable Digital Night Vision viewing device and camera
The Digital Technology that allows the product to work in low light is currently used in high end surveillance systems and has now been adapted for use in a hand-held, battery powered device.
Unlike image intensified technology the  Digital system can be used in any lighting condition with a distance us to 45 Yards (15 Meters)  without damage to the system. Even use in bright sunlight does not harm the system, in fact the system functions normally as a viewing device day or night without constraint. 
Utilizes specially manufactured infrared diodes that are focused and tuned to the sensor to allow for maximum distance and clarity in low light applications. The Infrared Digital Night Vision Camera surpasses current night vision viewers by allowing the user to easily connect the unit to any video recorder devices. 

The image is displayed on a 2.5" TFT-LCD, the same display that is used in millions of camcorder products worldwide. This high-resolution display allows for single and multiple user viewing without the typical eyestrain of current night vision devices. The Digital Night Vision is the future of personal viewing devices that encompasses an unlimited range of applications for the user.

Night Vision Viewing Device
Personal or Home Security Camera System
Law Enforcement Applications
Internet Day and Night Web Camera
Wireless Video Capture

High Resolution Output : 420 TV lines 
High Resolution 2.5" TFT-LCD Display
Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Power
Interchangeable Optics
RCA Video Output : Records High Resolution Video
Auxiliary Power : AC/DC Power Port 
Unaffected By External Light Sources
Distance - 45 Yards  (15 Meters)
Second Generation. Equivalent

Lens 1X f1.2 
Optional Digital Zoom 2X 
Resolution 420 TV Lines 
Display 2.5" LCD 
Field Of View 40° 
Weight 14 oz. 
Size 3.5"x3.5"x2.5" 
Battery Lithium Ion Rechargeable 
Battery Life 2 hrs. 
Warranty  1 Year 

Item: 2020-14A 

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