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Bullet Proof Vest, Concealable Ultima Pro 1
Made In USA 
Top Quality -  Life Saving Product

The Concealable Series - designed for law enforcement and business people for concealment and maximum protection

Most popular with law enforcement agencies across the USA.
Using the newest  technology combined with the latest Spectra Shield®  material,  this concealable vest  is  lightweight  that provides comfort, mobility and maximum protection.


  • Ballistic panels wrap front and back to provide front and side ballistic protection in one panel.

  •  see chart
  • Custom - design to accommodate "Weaver" shooting stance.
  • Six point adjustable strapping system ensures a comfortable fit.
  • V-Neck configuration offers maximum protection and concealability.
  • 5" x 8" metal trauma plate and pocket are standard features.
  • Ballistic panels are removable.
  • Polyester / Cotton carrier
  • Front Tab Officer identification
  • Shirt Tail. 

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  • Protection Level: 

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