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Trauma Flexi Shield Plates - Inserts
Trauma Flexi Shield plates - Inserts 
Top quality,  this Trauma Shield is the perfect addition to our concealable vests,  advanced design - it is made with light weight Spectra Shield® or Twaron®  material for comfort and mobility. 

It is an innovation in blunt trauma protection to the sternum area (front insert) and spine area (rear insert) from the impact of high-powered magnum handguns and shotgun blasts.

Our Trauma Flexi Shield plates - Inserts  conforms to the individual contours of both male and female without compromising safety. 

Multi-Hit Capability
High Performance
Thin & Lightweight
Weight: 43 Oz 

  • Size 10"X12"
  • Colors: Black and White
  • Made with 100 %  Spectra Shield® or Twaron®
  • Performance
    Design to reduce TRAUMA  from impact at velocity of 1,000 feet per second.  Item TI-901



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